Cowboy Poetry Brands Northern Nevada

What is Cowboy Poetry?

Cowboy poetry is just what its name implies,  poetry presented by cowboys.  It is about universal themes that surround the cowboy lifestyle. This is an art medium that relies on its oral tradition and unique poetic style.  The genre of cowboy poetry doesn’t appear to take itself too seriously and seems to delight all that become willing listeners. Learn more about Cowboy and Cowgirl Poets…

Cowboy Poetry Creates a Stir

Northern Nevada is now famous or “infamous” for its Cowboy Poetry Festivals and Gatherings because of the national stir created by Senator Harry Reid’s March, 2011 reference to the Cowboy Poetry Gathering in northern Nevada on the Senate floor.  Read the article and watch a short video.

Genoa, NV has a Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival in April

Genoa, NV is having their Third Annual event on April 26-29th with quite a line-up of poetry artists and musicians.  Learn more about this event and get tickets…This event was kicked off with a grant obtained from the government through the Carson Valley Arts Council.  But the second year, it was on its own with the support of the local business community and volunteers.  There is a distinct flavor to this well planned event.  See the highlights video from last year…

Cowboy Events Give Unique Branding Opportunities

Those who attend cowboy events enjoy the music, poetry events, food, and shopping.  Returning home with lasting memories and imprinted cowboy merchandise surrounding the theme is part of the experience. There is opportunity to purchase a custom lapel pin, embroidered cap, imprinted camp fire mug, cowboy bolo tie, silk cowboy scarf, or a vast number of other related items from the merchandise booth.  We are pleased to say that we are a vendor for this distinctive event.

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