Promotions that Soar

March Brings Promotions for Wind and Spring 

March is often a windy month. When I think of wind, I think of what the wind may intentionally carry. I say intentionally, because the wind has carried off several of my outdoor items that were never intended to fly. The things that soar or fly in the sky always intrigue me, and seem to delight others as well. That is why products that soar in the wind make great promotions for March and the spring season. They are easily seen, appeal to different age groups, and are customizable for your needs.

Promotional Kites Can Be Used in Fun Ways for Brand Building

Promotional kites are the first thing that comes to my mind in March and can be used in many ways. Kites have an ancient history from China and have been used throughout the ages in various ways. They have been used in our nation recently to create some brand recognition and fun for parents and children in the park or at the beach.  Go to the American Kite Flyers Association website for more information.
The Green Giant vegetable company used kites rather effectively for brand building and brand promotion.  In the years from 1971- 1990, the Green Giant Company partnered with the RB Toy Development Company and used several kite promotions with quite a few different designs.  This company has gone on to do kite premiums for other companies such as Coca-Cola and Red Barron Pizza.  Read more of the delightful story of the Green Giant Kites…

Opportunities for Kite Promotions Have Changed

Kite promotions aimed at giving children a real kite that flies are just about gone due to the changing times.  Today there is still a place for customized promotional kites around unique themes and around a new water sport called kite-surfing.
Watch a short video about custom kites for kite-surfing…

Other Soaring Promotions are Popular and Easy

There are other soaring promotions that have become very popular today.  For example, an imprinted balsa wood flyer, a customized flying disc, or even a promotional pinwheel can be used in many different ways to fit a theme for a variety of promotions.  These items are great items for a trade show promotion, at a company picnic, or to complement your unique theme. Shop our online catalog to shop for some ideas for your next promotion

Contact Ad Pro for a Promotion that will Soar

Let us help you with a promotion that will soar, even if it doesn’t involve items that take flight.  We have a competent and creative staff that is very busy helping businesses with promotional campaigns in northern Nevada and beyond.

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