Hot Summer Advertising Promotions

Tailor Promotional Products to the Summer Season

Take advantage of the longer days and the past-times of summer to tailor your promotions with products your customers will enjoy and use.  Consider creating a special landing page on your website for your promotion and use social media for updates and testimonials about the promotional items and how they were used.  Here are three promotions that will “sell” this summer. Read about more ideas and tips for sizzling success.


For a “Cool Adventure to a Hot Destination” consider this Weekender Duffel Bag that can carry all the essentials and go to the spa or beach as well.  This duffel can be used as an incentive gift for staff or for customers that purchase a certain amount of your products or services.  Consider a water bottle and luggage tags as additional promotional items to round out the travel theme.


A beach towel  is a wonderful way of saying, “Unwind” to your clients.  Whether this towel goes around the world or just to the lounge chair in the back yard, it still conveys the message of your promotional campaign.

Check out these spa getaways from Travel & Leisure.

Outdoor Activities

Summer seems to bring fresh enthusiasm for the outdoors in our area.  Lake Tahoe affords a a paradise of activity for those who will  “Gear Up for Summer”.  Building around this theme you might want to offer outdoor items that can mobilize a work force to earn outdoor premiums and incentives from an implemented safety program or a sales volume campaign.  Items such as carabiners, waterproof valuables pouch, and picnic gear are available on our current specials page.  Fishing poles, lures, and tackle bags will all heat up the promotion as well.  Read and see the wonderful activities available at Lake Tahoe.

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