Promotional Product Safety: Who Cares?

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As professionals in the promotional product industry we care about our products and want to:

  • protect you as the end-user from any harm
  • protect your name, reputation, and brand
  • protect our company and our relationship with our customers

Adventures in Advertising Provides Excellent Distributor Advantages

Ad Pro, AIA is a part of Adventures in Advertising which is a top distributor group of advertising specialty professionals.  We joined this promotional product distributor group because of their responsible standards and the support that they offer to us in many areas, including product safety.  Adventures in Advertising helps make us aware of critical issues related to our industry and has developed relationships with top suppliers that are willing to work with us to provide safe products at great prices.

Choosing the Right Suppliers is a Key to Promotional Product Safety

This industry has many reputable suppliers that produce safe, high quality products.  Ad Pro always does our best to purchase items from these key suppliers.  It is our goal to use suppliers that are compliant with all federal and state product safety regulations.  Read more from Rick Brenner,  CEO of a top supplier called Prime Line.  Rick writes often about product safety and other industry issues.

Quality Certification Alliance: The Industry Standard

Mr. Brenner was a founding board member of the QCA  in 2009 and is chair of its compliance committee.  Ad Pro looks to work with suppliers and manufacturers that are QCA certified.  Earning that certification satisfies the standards of the Fortune 1000 companies and will meet your business standards and needs as well.  Nineteen suppliers have currently completed their certification and many more are in process.  Watch this short video to learn more about QCA.

Promotional Products Association International

Ad Pro, AIA has been a long standing member of PPAI.  This industry organization has taken product safety seriously and instituted the Inaugural Product Safety Summit in 2011 in Denver, CO.  This August  the Summit will be held in New Orleans, LA with a much larger attendance expected.

Ad Pro, AIA cares about product safety. Let us help you with your next safe and effective promotional campaign.
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