Imprinted Rally Towels Rev Up A Crowd

Rally Towel Beginnings

The towel that is seen so often today and given away as a promotional rally towel at sporting events and political rallies, hasn’t always been called a rally towel.  It seems to have begun in the United States with the Pittsburgh Steelers football team in 1975.  The broadcaster for the Steelers, the late Myron Cope, heralded the towel as the “Terrible Towel”.   The fans exploded with about 30,000 of them waving in the air before the first kick-off of the game.  These began as yellow unprinted hand towels that the fans had purchased from local stores. Later the towels were imprinted rally towels and the Steelers went on that year to their second straight Super Bowl win.

The first rally towel in baseball was called a “Homer Hanky” and was used during the Minnesota Twins playoff event in 1987 that took them on to be World Series Champs. The idea was to wave the hanky for any home run.  These hankies caught hold with the fans and soon they were waving them anytime the team needed to rally.  The fans seemed to love the idea and it really got them into the game, but Random Reusse scoffed at the rally towel and wrote about how he thought the “Homer Hanky” ruined playoff baseball.  I hat to disagree, but read about it here.

Rally Towels Become More Widely Used

As branding and promotions became more popular, so did the now called “rally towel”.  They became popular at sporting events and have caught on for political purposes this year.  Whenever crowds want to get behind their team, candidate, or measure, have fun, and get loud, the rally towel may be in hand.  See the short rally towel video that shows how it should be done here…

 Rally Towels are Popular, Promote Events, and Make a Big Statement

Watch for rally towels at the upcoming World Series and as we go into the November elections.  Go here to see, It’s a Rally Towel and a Political Statement.

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