Holiday Custom Gift Ideas- Part 2

Top 10 Business and Client Gift Categories

In my last article we talked about the first 5 of the top 10 business and client gift categories. They were:

Calendars and Greeting Cards
Food Gifts
Desk & Business Accessories
Travel Gifts

Let’s take a look at the rest of the top 10.

6.  Technology Gifts

Today, tech gifts in some form are popular with most everyone.  Consider gifts like memory sticks, phone chargers, mini-speakers, cable organizers, tablet sleeves, stylus pens, and laser pointers.  Go here to see some technology items available right now.


7. Personal items

Duffel bags, umbrellas, and even apparel, when sizes are known,  can all add a personal and thoughtful touch to your gifts.  A personal item that is generally useful and needed will always score high with those who receive them.

8. Custom wine and wine accessories

Award winning wines with custom branding are available.  Place your logo and design on a custom label to present as a gift to an individual or put on a table at an event.  See wine accessories here.

9. Books


Books selected for a person’s tastes or around a special theme make wonderful gifts.  You can customize the front page of the books to commemorate an event or initialize the item.  Books are rarely thrown away and come in a theme that will fit your need.  Look at book ideas.

10. Gift Cards and Gift of Choice Catalogs

These gifts are popular for employee incentive programs throughout the year and for giving a choice to customers at the holidays, year end, or for a special recognition.  To understand how a program like this works watch this short video.

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