An Employee Perk that Pays Off

 Coffee Boosts Morale and Increases Productivity

According to a recent study by Alterra Coffee Roasters, 38% of American office workers say they can’t live without coffee.  They drink an average of three cups a day, and 65% drink it at work.  Further, 30% said they drink coffee at work because it helps them focus and increases their productivity.   Read more about Alterra.  A good employee incentive or reward should motivate and engage the employees, and this one seems to do that.  It is simple and seems to avoid many of the pitfalls of a highly competitive incentive program.

Make it More than Just Coffee

With gourmet coffee shop prices rising, your staff will appreciate this benefit even more.  Be sure to make the coffee special, and include those who don’t drink coffee by offering tea, hot chocolate and hot cider, too.  Make the choices more gourmet to those employees that reach certain goals.  The new single brewing cups of coffee, tea, and other beverages would work well for this reward.

Tie this Perk to an Incentive Program

Remind staff of the perk with branded coffee pots, imprinted mugs, travel tumblers, logo’d  napkins, coasters, and USB warmers that can be earned through a points program or other incentive program, such as an attendance program.

Publish Results

Make sure that those that reach certain goals are recognized by peers within the company.  Also recognize them in the community with an article, picture, and possibly postings on social media sites.

Engage Visitors as Well

And create a lasting impression with clients by keeping extra mugs on hand to give to office visitors to engage and inform them about what you are doing.

What is the Reward for the Employer?

Increased productivity and better attendance from the employees can be gained by the employer.  A lot of good will is created, which can only help employee morale as well.  Read more about incentive programs and rewards…

Whether you plan to start offering your employees this benefit or want to “perk” up your current beverage program, we can help with the accessories you need.  Just contact us. 

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