Spring into Action with Golf Promotions from Ad Pro, AIA


Plan Early for your Golf Event

Be Prepared for your next golf event! Spring is upon us and many already are in full force with their prepping and planning for their golf events. Be sure to jump on the golf cart and do not get left behind!  Be organized, prepared, and be sure that you have all of your golf promotions ordered in time for that special date.

Plan for Each Stage of the Golf Event

When establishing your event’s goals and creating a plan, think of what type of golf promotions you will plan to use from start to finish.  Will you need goody bags?  Customized totes? Giveaways, such as branded golf balls?  Everything from the golf balls, golf towel, or goody bag…all the way down to the golf tees can be an option for your golf promotions that you will use from start to finishDon’t forget the awards event at the end of the tournament.  When you know what golf promotions you will need, you then need to secure sponsors for these items.

Secure Sponsors

Many charity and fund-raising golf tournaments have been around for a long time and have developed a list of committed annual sponsors.  However, some sponsors may be new to an event.  Here are a couple of items that might entice a new sponsor to come on board with your event.

The Scramble Pic  ScrambelPicKXYXF-IETNA

This newest version Scramble Pic ball retriever is the perfect tee gift for Scramble golf. Scramble Pic with its NEW encased Magnetic Golf Cart Mount is a win-win for both golfers and sponsors, as multiple sponsors can advertise on the shaft of the ball retriever. This 20″ ball retriever allows for 17″ of 4-color continuous advertising. Attached to the golf cart windshield keeping sponsor’s logos at eye level and at easy reach for the golfer. Give the perfect useful and long lasting gift golf accessory that will be used again and again by players.  Watch this short video to learn more…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6bL_ZFB9ho


The Drawstring Backpack

Think about replacing the traditional goody bag with a goody drawstring backpack.  Golf ball dimple stock art comes pre-printed on each bag.  Add you one color logo or message for an exciting and professional golf promotion.  This bag will be appreciated and used often.  Made of 210 Denier nylon and features grommeted adjustable soft black nylon should straps that double as drawstring closure.  17″W x 14 1/2″ H

Follow Up

Getting contact information about the players that attend an event, will help it grow each year.  Contact those players from previous years with a save-the-date announcement and then stay in contact through direct mail and email about the event for the current year.  Ad Pro, AIA can help with postcards and other direct mail ideas.  For more info. about running a golf tournament…

Contact Ad Pro, AIA for all your golf promotion needs.  We will consult with you to make your event memorable!