Health and Wellness Promotions to Start the New Year

The New Year is a Good Time for Health and Wellness Promotions

Now is the time that we clean up from the holidays, put decorations away, and make our resolutions for the new year. This is when most of us resolve to get healthier–quit smoking, lose weight, start an exercise program, or some other way of improving our health and life for the year.  Businesses can take advantage of this natural desire for better health by offering health and wellness promotions and incentives in the workplace.  Whether your business is large or small, incentives for good health can be helpful to your bottom line and have long term benefits for employees. Ad Pro, AIA can help guide you through some ideas and incentives for your program.

Support for Putting a Health and Wellness Promotion Into Practice

In an article entitled Putting Health into the Health Care Debate, Jeffrey Wasserman– Director of Health Care at Pardee Rand Graduate School,  states health care can have as little as 10% influence on our overall health.  The balance of our health depends on social and environmental factors, including behaviors and genetics. He suggests that we all look for ways to improve the overall health of the population.   Read the entire article here…

Ideas for Your Health and Wellness Promotion

  • Consider your needs and the size of your company.
  • Partner with a community hospital or a non-profit to enhance your promotion.
    • They often offer free or low cost classes that encourage employees to quit smoking and get cancer screenings.
    • They may offer a monthly newsletter with articles that can be sent to employees.
  • Implement Fitness and Health Goals
    • Provide healthy food for meetings and encourage employees to bring healthy food for the break room.
    • Encourage everyone to take the stairs.
    • Log time or steps for walking daily.
    • Award incentives for points or goals reached.
    • Continue health and wellness throughout the year, so that it becomes part of your culture.
  • Read how a medical equipment company implemented a health and wellness promotional program here…
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