Valentine Self Promotions Show Love for Clients

“We Love Our Customers”- Great Valentine’s Self Promotions theme!

Self promotion is key to growing any business.  Take advantage of Valentine’s Day and tell your customers how much you appreciate them.  Market your brand, products, and services through this day that is a favorite for many.  Contact Ad Pro, AIA to help with Valentine Self Promotions that will keep you “attached” to your customers.

Promote Your Connection

You could  simply imprint some foil wrapped chocolate hearts or use something unique to your business to delight your clients.  We can help you find some items that are appropriate. This will help your customers appreciate you for recognizing their loyalty.  Everyone loves to be recognized and appreciated and Valentine Self Promotions are a great opportunity that can be utilized to promote your connection.

Package You Valentine Self Promo Uniquely

To make your Valentine Self Promotion special, use custom packaging.  Use a small custom box to put something in that is unique to your business. Let us help you with art that will show off your item.  A Minneapolis firm always does a Valentine Self Promotion that is packaged beautifully.  See it here…

Go Above and Beyond

Recognizing your clients is a part of great customer service that clients notice and appreciate.  It is part of saying that you want your clients and their business.  A Valentine Self Promotion also gives your clients something special or useful that will help them remember you fondly.

Emotions Are at the Heart

A quote from a study done last year by the Promotional Products Association International, called Mapping Out the Modern Consumer tells us:
“Emotions are at the heart of the relationship between brands and consumers… In Fact, according to a 2015 Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience Internal Study, advertising that produced the best emotional response generated a 23-percent lift in sales volume.  These study findings magnify promotional products’ capacity to elicit strong emotional connection.”  Touch and delight your customers and you may see a rise in your volume as well.

Let Ad Pro, AIA help you with some promotions that will develop emotional connections with your clients this Valentine’s Day.  Contact us now!