Tech Promos On the Go

Mobile Tech Promo Items

People are on the move today.  You see them in airports, in their cars, and in different businesses using technology.  It seems like everywhere you look, people are on their phones talking or texting, playing games, googling information or using apps to find their travel destinations. It doesn’t take long for the phone batteries to drain themselves and then what happens… People PANIC! If you are not near an outlet to charge the phone what can you do? Well, here are a few suggestions on finding the right charger and other tech promos that can help you through your day of work or when en route to a different destination.

What to Consider When Buying Tech Promos

  • Power Banks
    The major consideration when purchasing a power bank is how much energy or power it will store for your use when you are out and about–away from an outlet to charge your device.  This is called the capacity of the power bank.  Do you want your power bank to charge just one device or do you need multiple outlets? Other things such as color, quantity, decoration options, etc. may be important.  Also, buying a power bank that has been certified by an outside laboratory is critical, such as UL. So contact Ad Pro, AIA to help you with finding a power bank that fits your promotional needs.  We have many choices.
  • USB Drives
    Custom USB drives can be made in almost unlimited shapes.  You can create a drive with your logo or other shape that fits your business.  USB drives come in many different capacities, usually from 64MB up to 32GB.  The pricing on these items changes weekly, so contact us for more information.  One of the most popular USB drives is the swing drive.  There is no cap to lose and there are a variety of color combinations to choose from.  This tech promo is easy to transport and makes a great promotional item for any campaign.

More Tech Promo Options

We only have time to discuss these two tech promo options today.  But, we will be looking at other tech promos in the future.  If you need blue tooth speakers, ear buds, charging cables, or any other tech promo items, Ad Pro, AIA can help.  Contact us for all your tech promo items!