Promotional Drinkware to Sip Up Summer

Promotional Drinkware Tips

With all that summer fun in the sun, people are sure to be hot and thirsty. Promotional drinkware is a great way to make hydration a priority.  With the right drinkware you can use great space on water bottles and tumblers to get your message out.  When people reach to quench their thirst, your brand will be at their fingertips and in view over and over again. When considering purchasing drinkware, take the time to consider the features you will need. Here are some basics to keep in mind. Determining your needs right away will help you focus on the right promotional drinkware products.

  • Material– Will your promotional drinkware be for cold drinks only, or for both hot and cold?  How well insulated should it be?  This will determine the price and type of drinkware to look for. Drinkware comes in many different materials from plastic, to Tritan, to copper insulated stainless steel.
  • Features– Thinking about the style of lid and spout are important to your satisfaction.  Other features such as size, shape, quantity, color, clips, and carabiners can determine if you will be interested in a particular product.

Promotional Drinkware for Business and Events

Promotional drinkware can add branding and life to many businesses and events.  Use a nice tumbler as a new client gift. Provide bike bottles at the local bike event. Supply stadium cups at your local company picnic. Events like these give the perfect opportunity to provide a quality product with your message on it and inspire a little bit of fun.

Promotional Drinkware from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Order all of your drinkware and other promotional products from Ad Pro, AIA. We will help you take drinkware from ordinary to extraordinary.  We have art services available to you at very reasonable fees. This will help you get an excellent design on all of your promotional products. Contact us, today!