Thank You Promotions

Think of Others

When Thanksgiving comes, it kicks off a season that is often hectic and scattered.  It is always good to remember that Thanksgiving is a time set aside for thankfulness.  Encourage thankfulness among your employees and also show thankfulness toward your customers with thank you promotions. One company set up a Thank You Wall for its employees.  An ample supply of sticky notes were provided (from Ad Pro, AIA of course!). During the day employees would post thank you notes to various staff members on the thank you wall.   By the time Thanksgiving arrived, there was a wall filled with appreciation and thanks, a thoughtful thank you promotion.  Thanksgiving cards are a great way for a business to thank their customers.  Thanksgiving cards take advantage of a perfect opportunity to show gratitude to customers and get noticed before the holiday rush sets in.  There is more time for the customers to look at your card and remember you during the holiday season.

Reach Out

Reach out to customers you haven’t heard from in a while with a card, email, or  direct mailing that includes a peel & stick calendar or a special offer.  This helps reconnect with customers and gives them a reason to contact you.  It gives you a great reason to welcome them back with a thoughtful thank you promotion.

Initiate Partnerships

Use this season to volunteer personally or as a group for a non-profit event that you could partner with.  You could collect food or items to be given to the local food bank or other charity.  You may be asked to supply a promotional product for the event and you could co-brand the item.


Contact Ad Pro, A!A for all your Thanksgiving thank you promotions.  We can help you with ideas and fit items into your budget.