Patriotic Promos Pop

Presidents’ Day Patriotic Promos

Presidents’ Day has become a time when many retailers have sales and do patriotic promos.  Not much thought is given to the real reason that we celebrate this holiday in February. But you can turn the attention back to the celebration of two of our most famous and remembered Presidents–Washington and Lincoln.  You can also help to build patriotism and honor the traditions of our nation. Do a campaign or promotion that centers around a patriotic theme.

Combine Patriotic Promos and Valentine’s Day Themes

You can combine patriotic and Valentine’s Day themes easily. You can have a retail sale and honor President’s Day at the same time.  One business had a Presidents’ Day Birthday party.  They offered cherry pie and gave away patriotic  heart-shaped envelope openers.  Those that came by and made a purchase of any amount received the patriotic promo.  Patriotic ideas that support Heart Health Month in February can boost support for a non-profit and help your own business at the same time.

Combine Patriotic Promos with many February events

Whether your customers are football fans, racing fans, armchair Olympians, or romantics, February gives an opportunity for many promotions and events.  Many Super Bowl parties take place in homes, bars, and restaurants across the county. It couldn’t be easier to tie in patriotic promos this year as the Patriots and the Eagles are the two competing teams.  NASCAR has gained in popularity over the last several years.  Fans are getting together and holding viewing parties. So Dayton Day was born and is growing in popularity. Read more about the Dayton 500 here…  The Winter Olympics are always a favorite and one that business can use easily for patriotic promos. Read more about what you need to know about the Winter Olympics 2018 from Feb. 8- 25… No matter what February or patriotic event you celebrate, contact Ad Pro, AIA. From paper products to drinkware, to give-aways, and much more Ad Pro can help you order patriotic promos.

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