Promotional Products Website Updated

Ad Pro, AIA


Recently has updated its promotional products website to stay current  in the promotional products workplace.  Part of this process involves making information and products more easily available to our customers.. Working with Adventures in Advertising, the Advertising Specialty Institute, and Integris Marketing, we have created a new look and feel to our website. Take a look...

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Mobile Friendly

The most important task that we wanted to conquer was making our website mobile friendly.  Many more people are looking at websites on their phones and other devices.  Ad Pro, AIA now has a promotional products website that is beautiful, modern, and easy to navigate and use with your mobile devices.

Updated Online Catalog

We have a new look and feel to our catalog within our promotional products website.  We have made it easy to search for an item from the Search Box at the top of each page. Simply put in an item or category and click.  You can see a sample page of the catalog here. You also have our phone number right at the top of each page. You can also click on Products and search under a category listed there.  There are many ways to narrow your search with price, quantity, color, etc.  This insures that you will get more products that are suited especially for your needs and budget.  There is a request more info line that will allow you to send us an email about a product you are interested in. There is an item number for each item.  Please make sure you use the number when contacting us.  Here is an example of one- CPN-7649372

More Features Coming Soon

Very soon we will be activating the Add to Shopping Cart button. We will still contact you for our white glove customer service, but you will be able to give us more information about what you would like and we can order for you more directly. 

Ad Pro, AIA  Works With You In Mind

Contact us today with needs for your business, your clients, and your events.  Our new promotional products website is just another tool that we provide to help our clients to get the items needed from a trusted source.