Holiday Card Promotions

Why Send Holiday Card Promotions?

In our day and age, businesses might want to just send a general greeting from their business over social media, or send an e-card, or an email.  But people enjoy feeling appreciated and special.  Receiving mail with as little personalization as their name on an envelope creates more engagement and a feeling of being valued.  Making a card personal and authentic, makes the card more memorable and creates the connection yo u desire.

Start Early with Holiday Card Promotions

Plan ahead for your holiday card promotion.  This allows you time to be creative and decide if the card will be the main feature for the holidays or if you will give a promotional item instead of a card or with a card.  If you start early with your holiday card promotion, you are often able to get the best deals.  Free shipping, return address printing, and percentage off sales are common early in the fall.  The closer you get to the holidays, the less you will find any special offers.

Proofread Your Holiday Card

Proofreading seems to be something that is obviously important.  However, many times business owners fail to carefully read and proofread the text of their cards.  Since you are investing in a holiday card promotion, please have at least two people review, edit, and proofread your card.  This helps guarantee that your card will be well received and accomplish the goal of showing genuine appreciation.

Stay Within Your Budget

There are many variations in price of holiday cards.  Embellishments such as foil printing and borders add to the cost of cards.  Some companies include return address printing, others charge for these extra services. You are more likely to have extra complimentary services if you order early in the fall.  Ordering your holiday promotional cards by early October gives you more opportunity for better pricing.

Time Sending Your Holiday Card Promotion

Some businesses choose to send a card around Thanksgiving.  This allows your order to be received early, usually with the best pricing and deals.  It also is a time when your card may be noticed more and have less competition in achieving your goal of showing appreciation and building loyalty.

Contact Ad Pro, AIA to help you send your holiday card promotions.

No matter when you send a card during the holidays, contact Ad Pro, AIA to help you find the right card at the right time, for the right price.