Personalized Holiday Gift Promotions

Choices for Holiday Gift Promotions

There are so many choices available for holiday gift giving.  Some of the most popular holiday gift promotions are calendars, journals, and office related items such as pens and markers. .  These are practical gifts that will be appreciated and used often.  Food gifts are often given because one gift can be given to an entire office.  There are no sizes and you don’t need to worry about forgetting anyone.  Drinkware is another very popular category given for holiday gifts.  No matter what you have in mind for holiday gift promotions, you will be able to find something with the help of a promotional products distributor.  That is what Ad Pro, AIA does and they can help you. But have you thought about giving a personalized holiday gift?


Personalized Holiday Gift Promotions

Now take a category of popular gift promotions for the holidays and ADD PERSONALIZATION.  Instead of just giving a pen or marker, give a personalized pen or marker.  That pen will be used and kept with a special sense of appreciation.  Instead of just a calendar for the new year ahead, give a personalized calendar with your clients name on every picture of the month.  Instead of going to the local warehouse store and promoting a large company brand that produces the gift, order a food gift with your own name and brand on it.  Make the impression of your company last and not the company that makes the chocolate, nuts, or gift basket.

How Can I Order Personalized Holiday Gift Promotions?

Just contact Ad Pro, AIA for help with your holiday gift promotions.  We can help you find something that fits your needs and your budget.  Start now so that you have time to make wise decisions about promotional gifts and gather the names for those special personalized gifts.  You do need to double check how names are spelled. Otherwise, a special personalized gift becomes a useless disappointment.  With the amazing ability of new publication and printing processes, variable data is becoming more common.  Variable date is what personalization of items is called in the promotional products industry.

Contact Ad Pro, AIA today for help with all your holiday gift promotions!