Car Promotions that Show Your Car Some Love

Up Front with Car Promotions

Your client’s car is a great space to think about occupying with your brand.  First, think of right up front with the driver. There are many opportunities to enhance your customer’s driving space and get your brand noticed with car promotions.  Decide on an air freshener, cell phone holder, sunglasses holder, car mug, or sun shade.  These promotions will be viewed repeatedly and keep your business front of mind.

In the Trunk with Car Promotions

Next, use the trunk of the car for other car promotion opportunities.  Car trunk organizers with or without coolers are welcome items.. Many trunk organizers are collapsible and have multiple compartments for bags and may even include a cooler.  Insulated and non-woven grocery totes are great car promotions. They fit nicely in the trunk and are then handy for a stop at the store.  These bags can then be placed into the trunk organizer so that they don’t fall and spill all over the trunk.

Safety Car Promotions

Finally, consider that there are many car promotions that would be helpful for your safety up front by the driver and in the trunk.  The safety tools that have a seat belt cutter and glass breaker could be a literal life saver in an accident.  A wind-up flashlight for the front and trunk of the car would be invaluable.  Some very useful car promotions specifically for your trunk would be imprinted battery cables, a wind-up flashlight that never needs batteries, a flashing warning light, a first aid kit, and a blanket.   There are many roadside emergency kits available as great car promotions for an employee incentive program or a raffle gift at a convention booth.

Whatever your car promotion needs, contact Ad Pro, AIA.  We can help you with ideas and budget friendly items.  Be sure to contact us today!