Benefits for our Customers

Have you ever had a “Promotional Product Headache?
Well we have the cure! White Glove Treatment for all our clients!

We know that headache because a lot of customers tell us that this have been their experience in the past… And it most often comes from ordering online from a company that you don’t know, and dealing with people that you have no relationship with. And more often than not, you have to pay when you order or before you see any samples. And if there is a problem (and there often is.. it is actually a very complex business with lots of details for every job that need to be taken care of), there is no one to contact or industry friend that will help to “make it right”.

And this is where Ad Pro truly shines and stands out from the rest. Ad Pro treats ALL its customers with respect and handles all our customer’s projects, from the largest down to the smallest, with the same “white glove treatment” that has become our hallmark and the reason for our continued success.

Every Effort is Always Made On Your Behalf

From our artists and office staff, to the creative direction of Bob and Kaye Vibe, Ad Pro is ready and willing to meet your promotional product needs no matter how big or small your ideas and are here to help you realize effective marketing ideas and promotions that are designed to help your business succeed.

It’s definitely a “win-win situation” with Ad Pro. Ad Pro, is part of a top ten promotional products distributorship in the United States called Adventures in Advertising. This affiliation benefits customers in many ways. Each business is independently owned and retains its own name, making each one a part of the local business community. However with the accumulated volume of over 300 offices, over 100 million in sales, Adventures in Advertising is able to negotiate special pricing contracts with savings that are passed on to our local customers. These pricing contracts are made with top suppliers in the industry that have an A+ rating.

An Expert Advertising Specialty Company With a Long History of Service

Ad Pro, AIA began in 2003 as an advertising specialty company. But long before that, Bob Vibe had deep roots in a related industry in the Reno area. A company called Vibe Enterprises, owned by his uncle Fritz, operated in the Reno area during the Squaw Valley Winter Olympics of 1960 (See the Ad Pro history page). This company supplied novelties, souvenirs, and volumes of ski patches to Olympic visitors. Later his uncle sold his business, but let the new owner know about his young nephew, Bob. Bob worked with the new owner for a few years, and then left the area, owned an independent grocery store, and finally returned to later begin Ad Pro. Ad Pro has grown and established a good reputation in the community since 2003 and is looking toward continued growth for the future.

Continuing education is a high priority with Ad Pro. Both Bob and his wife Kaye are in the well along in the process of completing their Certified Advertising Specialty designation. This designation is highly recognized and regarded in the promotional products industry.

Only 4% of promotional products distributors are designated as Certified Advertising Specialists or Master Advertising Specialists in the industry! And we are very proud to be one of them!

So getting back to the headache… the reason we have a label for that headache is because it comes from ordering online from a company that you don’t know. We know because our customers tell us so! You often have to pay when you order and if there is a problem, there is no one to contact or “make it right”. Ad Pro will treat all customers with respect. We will handle the smallest customer or smallest order with the same “white glove treatment” that we give our largest customer and largest order.

From our artists and office staff, to the creative direction of Bob and Kaye Vibe, Ad Pro is ready and willing to meet your needs and help you with effective marketing ideas and promotions.