Host a Golf Tournament

Turn the passion of golf into effective marketing by hosting a golf event. Hosting a golf tournament means planning and considering many factors.  Selecting the venue and date are critical and should be done far ahead of your tournament.  Ad Pro, AIA can help you design brochures to advertise your golf event well in advance.  Will your provide lunch or dinner after the event?  If so, you may want to consider stadium cups, imprinted napkins, cups, tablecloths, and/or other imprinted paper goods as golf promotions for the meal.  Will you provide recognition and awards?  Most likely you will–and you will want to consider those as your most valuable golf promotions for the event.  Goodie bags are common and give sponsors an opportunity to put in imprinted golf promotions such as tees, snacks, and other novelty items.  With a little help from Ad Pro, AIA, you will leave a lasting impression in the minds of everyone associated with the event.

Participate in a Golf Tournament

Putting a team together for a golf tournament can make for a fun, bonding experience for the teams and a relaxing day outside the office.  You may want to order some golf promotions for your team before they play.  Matching shirts always sets your team apart and adds to the team spirit.

Select the Correct Golf Promotions

Whether you are hosting or participating in a golf tournament, selecting the right golf promotions can add to the impression you leave and to your success.  There are so many golf promotions that will fit your needs and budget, no matter the size of your event.  A few common items for golf tournaments are balls, ball markers, drinkware, golf towels, tee packets, and golf awards.

Contact Ad Pro, AIA for advice on your next golf tournament.

Spring Promotion Time is Here

According to the calendar, spring is officially here!  We can all celebrate and begin to emerge from winter’s hibernation.  Spring is a time of new beginnings and growth for your garden and for your business.  Now is the time to focus on some spring promotions that will help you create some good will and grow your bottom line.

Spring Events Give Spring Promotion Themes

Many church groups and non-profits have activities and spring promotions around the time of Easter.  Whether you need imprinted items for an Easter dinner– such as tablecloths, napkins, and cups– or children’s items to put into a basket–such as plastic eggs and finger puppets– Ad Pro, AIA can help!

Earth Day
Earth Day is a great spring promotion time for all things “green”.  You may be interested in banners, flags, and booths, or individual give-away items that are seeded or growing. Let  Ad Pro help you decide on some items that are just right for your event or needs.

Youth baseball teams all the way up to MLB begin games this month.  Youth teams always need uniforms, caps, pants, and other items for team members and Ad Pro can help with those.  Larger teams and their sponsors often do spring promotions to get their growing teams and fans off to a great start– like sunscreen, lip balm, or sunglasses.

More Ideas
Spring is a great time to partner with your community to clean, freshen, plant, and improve things in your area.  To see some spring marketing ideas and themes for your business take a look here…

So put away that well-worn winter coat, open the windows, and enjoy a breath of spring air while you consider your spring promotions.  Ad Pro, AIA can help you with growth this spring. Contact us today!

Tech Promos On the Go

by kaye on February 28, 2017

in Tech Items,Travel Promotions

Mobile Tech Promo Items

People are on the move today.  You see them in airports, in their cars, and in different businesses using technology.  It seems like everywhere you look, people are on their phones talking or texting, playing games, googling information or using apps to find their travel destinations. It doesn’t take long for the phone batteries to drain themselves and then what happens… People PANIC! If you are not near an outlet to charge the phone what can you do? Well, here are a few suggestions on finding the right charger and other tech promos that can help you through your day of work or when en route to a different destination.

What to Consider When Buying Tech Promos

  • Power Banks
    The major consideration when purchasing a power bank is how much energy or power it will store for your use when you are out and about–away from an outlet to charge your device.  This is called the capacity of the power bank.  Do you want your power bank to charge just one device or do you need multiple outlets? Other things such as color, quantity, decoration options, etc. may be important.  Also, buying a power bank that has been certified by an outside laboratory is critical, such as UL. So contact Ad Pro, AIA to help you with finding a power bank that fits your promotional needs.  We have many choices.
  • USB Drives
    Custom USB drives can be made in almost unlimited shapes.  You can create a drive with your logo or other shape that fits your business.  USB drives come in many different capacities, usually from 64MB up to 32GB.  The pricing on these items changes weekly, so contact us for more information.  One of the most popular USB drives is the swing drive.  There is no cap to lose and there are a variety of color combinations to choose from.  This tech promo is easy to transport and makes a great promotional item for any campaign.

More Tech Promo Options

We only have time to discuss these two tech promo options today.  But, we will be looking at other tech promos in the future.  If you need blue tooth speakers, ear buds, charging cables, or any other tech promo items, Ad Pro, AIA can help.  Contact us for all your tech promo items!



“We Love Our Customers”- Great Valentine’s Self Promotions theme!

Self promotion is key to growing any business.  Take advantage of Valentine’s Day and tell your customers how much you appreciate them.  Market your brand, products, and services through this day that is a favorite for many.  Contact Ad Pro, AIA to help with Valentine Self Promotions that will keep you “attached” to your customers.

Promote Your Connection

You could  simply imprint some foil wrapped chocolate hearts or use something unique to your business to delight your clients.  We can help you find some items that are appropriate. This will help your customers appreciate you for recognizing their loyalty.  Everyone loves to be recognized and appreciated and Valentine Self Promotions are a great opportunity that can be utilized to promote your connection.

Package You Valentine Self Promo Uniquely

To make your Valentine Self Promotion special, use custom packaging.  Use a small custom box to put something in that is unique to your business. Let us help you with art that will show off your item.  A Minneapolis firm always does a Valentine Self Promotion that is packaged beautifully.  See it here…

Go Above and Beyond

Recognizing your clients is a part of great customer service that clients notice and appreciate.  It is part of saying that you want your clients and their business.  A Valentine Self Promotion also gives your clients something special or useful that will help them remember you fondly.

Emotions Are at the Heart

A quote from a study done last year by the Promotional Products Association International, called Mapping Out the Modern Consumer tells us:
“Emotions are at the heart of the relationship between brands and consumers… In Fact, according to a 2015 Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience Internal Study, advertising that produced the best emotional response generated a 23-percent lift in sales volume.  These study findings magnify promotional products’ capacity to elicit strong emotional connection.”  Touch and delight your customers and you may see a rise in your volume as well.

Let Ad Pro, AIA help you with some promotions that will develop emotional connections with your clients this Valentine’s Day.  Contact us now!

Health and Wellness Promotions to Start the New Year

by kaye January 4, 2017

The New Year is a Good Time for Health and Wellness Promotions Now is the time that we clean up from the holidays, put decorations away, and make our resolutions for the new year. This is when most of us resolve to get healthier–quit smoking, lose weight, start an exercise program, or some other way of […]

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New Year’s Promotions

by kaye December 8, 2016

Resolve to Ring In and Kick-Off the New Year The holidays wrap up with New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day activities. By this time of the holidays many people are looking forward to the New Year and what it will bring.  End the holidays with some New Year’s promotions that will be perfect for […]

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Holiday Thank You Gifts Made Easy

by kaye October 31, 2016

Let Ad Pro, AIA Help You with Holiday Thank You Gifts Are you making a list and checking it twice? Are you not able to come up with just the right holiday thank you gifts?  Even Santa can be challenged with finding the right gifts for everyone on his list, but thank goodness for the […]

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Holiday Promotions Spread Gratitude!

by kaye October 7, 2016

Holiday Promotions Show Thankfulness As we begin preparing for the holiday season, it is important to take some time to reflect on what you are grateful and thankful for — how you can share that gratitude with others. It has been a well known business tradition to thank your customers and employees in some way […]

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Awareness Promotions Raise Hope and Help

by kaye August 31, 2016

Use Awareness Promotions in Your Community Wear and/or give away the well- recognized pink looped ribbon this year.  Make your own pink ribbon by following the simple instructions here on the American Cancer Society’s website.  Order other pins by contacting us for information about what is available. Some of our most popular community awareness promotions besides the […]

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Ready to Show Your Spirit with Back-to-School Promotional Products

by kaye August 1, 2016

Take advantage– as now is the time! Whether you are a business looking to show your school spirit within your community or an organization looking to expand your brand, now is the ideal time to take advantage of the exposure available to you with all of the events surrounding back-to-school, tailgating, and fall events. Here […]

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