Brand Your Message Loud and Clear

With some good weather left in the season, we can focus on some great promotional  Bluetooth® speakers, headphones, and earbuds that can be enjoyed in the office or in the great outdoors.  If you plan on using your Bluetooth® speaker outdoors, we recommend that you use a waterproof or weather-resistant model.  Custom promotional Bluetooth® speakers, earbuds, and headphones make wonderful incentive gifts for customers and employees as they are a great way to brand your message loud and clear.

Why Should I Consider Promotional Bluetooth® Speakers, Headphones, or Earbuds?

You can enjoy completely portable music with a wireless Bluetooth® speaker,  earbuds, and headphones.  The music plays directly from your smartphone or other Bluetooth® enabled devices.You can play your music outdoors or in other places where there is no access to other speakers.  Promotional wireless speakers, headphones, and earbuds make a great impression when given as an incentive, or used and shared with others. You should consider the battery life of a speaker. A battery life of four or five hours should be sufficient for most users.

Choosing Your Bluetooth® Item

No matter what Bluetooth® item you are considering, Ad Pro, AIA can help!  The choices are almost limitless. We will help you consider your audience and keep your budget in mind.  Contact us today!

Consider These Promotional Bluetooth® Speakers, Headphones, and Earbuds

Light Ring Bluetooth Speaker Wireless, surprisingly big sound, a clear light ring will surround your company name or logo, four color process imprint, gift box, great gift for tech and music lovers. Skyway Bluetooth Headphones 2 large decorating areas directly on the earpieces. Great comfort. Built in music control and a mic, 6 hours of music on a single charge, cables included, range 33 feet. Ring Series Bluetooth Earbuds Answer calls and enjoy music up to 30 feet away. Control buttons for volume, calls, and music. Cables included, 3 earpiece sizes and protective zippered case for your 4-color process logo, gift box.



Promotional Drinkware Tips

With all that summer fun in the sun, people are sure to be hot and thirsty. Promotional drinkware is a great way to make hydration a priority.  With the right drinkware you can use great space on water bottles and tumblers to get your message out.  When people reach to quench their thirst, your brand will be at their fingertips and in view over and over again. When considering purchasing drinkware, take the time to consider the features you will need. Here are some basics to keep in mind. Determining your needs right away will help you focus on the right promotional drinkware products.

  • Material– Will your promotional drinkware be for cold drinks only, or for both hot and cold?  How well insulated should it be?  This will determine the price and type of drinkware to look for. Drinkware comes in many different materials from plastic, to Tritan, to copper insulated stainless steel.
  • Features– Thinking about the style of lid and spout are important to your satisfaction.  Other features such as size, shape, quantity, color, clips, and carabiners can determine if you will be interested in a particular product.

Promotional Drinkware for Business and Events

Promotional drinkware can add branding and life to many businesses and events.  Use a nice tumbler as a new client gift. Provide bike bottles at the local bike event. Supply stadium cups at your local company picnic. Events like these give the perfect opportunity to provide a quality product with your message on it and inspire a little bit of fun.

Promotional Drinkware from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Order all of your drinkware and other promotional products from Ad Pro, AIA. We will help you take drinkware from ordinary to extraordinary.  We have art services available to you at very reasonable fees. This will help you get an excellent design on all of your promotional products. Contact us, today!

June is Safety Month

We know that June is safety month and we often think of work safety programs.  However, there are other summer safety promotions.  Whether you are on your bicycle, traveling the world, or sitting in the sun– safety should be considered.

Summer Safety Promotions For Bicyclers

Children and adults are out on their bicycles more in the summer. Summer is a time when you may want to partner with a group or be a sponsor of a community bicycle safety event.  In Nevada, our Nevada Dept. of Transportation has a Safe Routes to School Division.  Most states have some type of pedestrian and bicycle coordinator that would be a good resource for summer bicycle safety.   Consider giving a bicycle safety light or a safety siren to mount on bicycles as a summer safety promotion.  There are other bicycle safety promotional items that would meet your needs.  Just contact Ad Pro, AIA for more information.

Summer Safety Promotions for Travelers

Summer travelers want to stay safe at all times and avoid identity thieves. Summer safety promotions for travel are a must. Many credit and debit cards have a RFID (radio frequency identification) chip embedded in the card. This chip contains personal and account information necessary to complete transactions. Identity thieves can merely pass you on the street and download your personal data. Our RFID blocker sleeves and wallets are made using a patented process to protect your data.  We also have many  other travel safety promotions, such as luggage locks, RFID blocking sleeves for your passport, and personal Pepper spray canisters

Summer Safety Promotions for Sun Seekers 

Stay safe when you are in the summer sun.  Wear a broad-brimmed hat and sunglasses whenever you are out.  Make sure that you have applied sunscreen with an SPF factor of 15 or higher and have plenty of lip balm available.  Stay hydrated and have fun! Ad Pro, AIA has many types of hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, water bottles, and lip balm available.

Contact Ad Pro, AIA for all your summer safety promotions!

Host a Golf Tournament

Turn the passion of golf into effective marketing by hosting a golf event. Hosting a golf tournament means planning and considering many factors.  Selecting the venue and date are critical and should be done far ahead of your tournament.  Ad Pro, AIA can help you design brochures to advertise your golf event well in advance.  Will your provide lunch or dinner after the event?  If so, you may want to consider stadium cups, imprinted napkins, cups, tablecloths, and/or other imprinted paper goods as golf promotions for the meal.  Will you provide recognition and awards?  Most likely you will–and you will want to consider those as your most valuable golf promotions for the event.  Goodie bags are common and give sponsors an opportunity to put in imprinted golf promotions such as tees, snacks, and other novelty items.  With a little help from Ad Pro, AIA, you will leave a lasting impression in the minds of everyone associated with the event.

Participate in a Golf Tournament

Putting a team together for a golf tournament can make for a fun, bonding experience for the teams and a relaxing day outside the office.  You may want to order some golf promotions for your team before they play.  Matching shirts always sets your team apart and adds to the team spirit.

Select the Correct Golf Promotions

Whether you are hosting or participating in a golf tournament, selecting the right golf promotions can add to the impression you leave and to your success.  There are so many golf promotions that will fit your needs and budget, no matter the size of your event.  A few common items for golf tournaments are balls, ball markers, drinkware, golf towels, tee packets, and golf awards.

Contact Ad Pro, AIA for advice on your next golf tournament.

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