Fall Leaves Turn our Thoughts to Holiday Gift Promotions

As we move into fall and the last quarter of 2017, many businesses turn their thoughts to holiday gift promotions for staff and clients.  Dedicated employees and loyal customers keep business running smoothly all year long.  Now is the time to think about what you will do to recognize and reward their effort and steadfastness.  Imprinted gifts, awards, holiday cards, and executive gifts are some great ways to thank them.

Choose a Thoughtful and Useful Holiday Gift Promotion

There are abundant possibilities for holiday gift promotions.  You must first consider the quantity of items you will need and the budget you have to work with.  Give plenty of time to complete the ordering process and shipping your items. We recommend that our customers begin to select items in October and order in November.  This ensures quality service and avoids the rush in shipping surrounding the holidays. Do you want to have your logo printed on your holiday gift promotions?  Perhaps some of your items will be premium gifts with only a small logo or no logo at all.  No matter what your needs, contact, Ad Pro AIA  for help in making decisions and selecting something that you will enjoy as much as your staff and clients will.

Make A Lasting Impression with your Holiday Gift Promotion

The impact of holiday gift promotions can last long after the holiday season has ended.  Every time a staff member or client uses your well chosen gift, they think of you.  This helps everyone feel appreciated.  Appreciation then leads to more loyalty and more team spirit for your business to continue to grow and be successful.

Contact Ad Pro, AIA today!

Get started early and contact us today.  The holidays will go more smoothly and you won’t have to pick up something at the last minute that isn’t really what you wanted.  Promote your business and your brand this holiday season.

Fall Into Cancer Awareness Promotions

As summer turns to fall, we look toward two consecutive months of cancer awareness.   September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. So now is the time to plan and prepare to host or contribute cancer awareness promotions to these events.  There are many organizations, events, and  fund raisers surrounding both. Contact Ad Pro, AIA to help you with your cancer awareness promotions.

Childhood Cancer Awareness

There is growing support for the Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation and I would recommend their organization to you as well.  You can go here to see their website. Childhood cancer is not well publicized and is traditionally underfunded. The color of their awareness ribbon is yellow or gold. One of childhood cancer’s events is the St. Baldrick’s Fundraiser.  There are many ways to use cancer awareness promotions for these events. Participants raise funds to go toward a person shaving their head in support of children with cancer. The cause of childhood cancer got a well deserved boost last year when Buster Posey and his wife Kristin began a childhood cancer program. This program is in partnership with the San Francisco Giants baseball organization and the V Foundation. Read about it here and see the special promotional cap that was designed for this cause.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer, the second leading cause of death in women, has been the leader in awareness events and support.  They have paved the way for other cancers to be recognized as well.  Read about some tips and facts for October Breast Cancer Awareness here.  There are many Relay for Life events, Making Strides runs, and other events that donors create to meet the specific needs of their area. Therefore there are cancer awareness promotional needs like t-shirts, hats, wrist bands, pins, and bags.  You can help by branding one or more needed items with your business logo and the name of the event.

Contact Ad Pro, AIA to help you with all of your cancer awareness promotions. You can help make a difference.


Brand Your Message Loud and Clear

With some good weather left in the season, we can focus on some great promotional  Bluetooth® speakers, headphones, and earbuds that can be enjoyed in the office or in the great outdoors.  If you plan on using your Bluetooth® speaker outdoors, we recommend that you use a waterproof or weather-resistant model.  Custom promotional Bluetooth® speakers, earbuds, and headphones make wonderful incentive gifts for customers and employees as they are a great way to brand your message loud and clear.

Why Should I Consider Promotional Bluetooth® Speakers, Headphones, or Earbuds?

You can enjoy completely portable music with a wireless Bluetooth® speaker,  earbuds, and headphones.  The music plays directly from your smartphone or other Bluetooth® enabled devices.You can play your music outdoors or in other places where there is no access to other speakers.  Promotional wireless speakers, headphones, and earbuds make a great impression when given as an incentive, or used and shared with others. You should consider the battery life of a speaker. A battery life of four or five hours should be sufficient for most users.

Choosing Your Bluetooth® Item

No matter what Bluetooth® item you are considering, Ad Pro, AIA can help!  The choices are almost limitless. We will help you consider your audience and keep your budget in mind.  Contact us today!

Consider These Promotional Bluetooth® Speakers, Headphones, and Earbuds

Light Ring Bluetooth Speaker Wireless, surprisingly big sound, a clear light ring will surround your company name or logo, four color process imprint, gift box, great gift for tech and music lovers. Skyway Bluetooth Headphones 2 large decorating areas directly on the earpieces. Great comfort. Built in music control and a mic, 6 hours of music on a single charge, cables included, range 33 feet. Ring Series Bluetooth Earbuds Answer calls and enjoy music up to 30 feet away. Control buttons for volume, calls, and music. Cables included, 3 earpiece sizes and protective zippered case for your 4-color process logo, gift box.



Promotional Drinkware Tips

With all that summer fun in the sun, people are sure to be hot and thirsty. Promotional drinkware is a great way to make hydration a priority.  With the right drinkware you can use great space on water bottles and tumblers to get your message out.  When people reach to quench their thirst, your brand will be at their fingertips and in view over and over again. When considering purchasing drinkware, take the time to consider the features you will need. Here are some basics to keep in mind. Determining your needs right away will help you focus on the right promotional drinkware products.

  • Material– Will your promotional drinkware be for cold drinks only, or for both hot and cold?  How well insulated should it be?  This will determine the price and type of drinkware to look for. Drinkware comes in many different materials from plastic, to Tritan, to copper insulated stainless steel.
  • Features– Thinking about the style of lid and spout are important to your satisfaction.  Other features such as size, shape, quantity, color, clips, and carabiners can determine if you will be interested in a particular product.

Promotional Drinkware for Business and Events

Promotional drinkware can add branding and life to many businesses and events.  Use a nice tumbler as a new client gift. Provide bike bottles at the local bike event. Supply stadium cups at your local company picnic. Events like these give the perfect opportunity to provide a quality product with your message on it and inspire a little bit of fun.

Promotional Drinkware from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Order all of your drinkware and other promotional products from Ad Pro, AIA. We will help you take drinkware from ordinary to extraordinary.  We have art services available to you at very reasonable fees. This will help you get an excellent design on all of your promotional products. Contact us, today!

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