A Bright Idea

Here’s a bright idea for bringing attention to your company name and logo– give away or use lighted promotions. They grab the attention of people and will easily draw attention to your custom imprint and make your branding truly shine.

Brilliant Choices with Endless Uses

These fun and bright items are a wonderful way to get your name noticed.  They work well at a birthday party, business event, wedding, or trade show give-away to bring traffic to your booth. People will be talking about and using your items with joy long after the event is over. Where should you give out these brilliant LED giveaways?. The possibilities are seriously endless.

Lighted Promotions are Fun

Fun for almost any occasion. Lighted promotions like spinners, glow sticks, toys, and games bring an additional dimension of fun to any event. Glassware and bar ware can be lighted and glowing to make a great souvenir for any special occasion.

Lighted Promotions are Attention Getting

People love to watch the pulsating lights and reaction of others to lighted promotions.  Light up novelties are available for and used widely for outdoor celebrations. We are coming into the season when there are many outdoor events and many opportunities to use lighted promotions. Consider a lighted floating waterproof pool noodle for your next summer evening event.

Lighted Promotions Encourage Safety

Whether your children are going out in the evening or you are taking your dog for a walk, you want everyone to remain safe.  There are lights with carabiners that keep people and animals visible and safe no matter where you are.  There are other lighted safety items available as well.

Think about lighted promotional products for your next event or campaign. Add a little fun, create a little more attention, or offer more safety with lighted promotional items.

Contact Ad Pro, AIA to help you with any lighted promotions for your upcoming events.

Going for the Gold

Whether you were chasing Olympic gold or planning to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, March promotions are waiting for you.

Recently, most of us watched parts of the Winter Olympics.  We loved seeing Team USA on the podium, in their Team USA apparel, receiving their medals.  However, there was some disagreement  about the cost of the closing ceremony apparel. Read about it here…

Although most of us will never receive an Olympic medal, we can promote and recognize others with medals, coins, lapel pins, patches, rings, and more.  We can continue our own medal mania into the year ahead.  We can help our employees and clients that are “Going for the Gold”.

Plan or initiate an anniversary program that honors staff for their service with a pin and years of service bars.  Promote your next campaign with a button or lapel pin that reminds employees and customers of your theme or goal. Celebrations of town, event, or large company anniversaries or promotions can be celebrated with commemorative coins or other custom engraved jewelry.

March Promotions

Another way to “go for the gold” is to celebrate March promotions. March always ushers in the beginning of spring, St. Patrick’s Day, and basketball’s March Madness.  These events always present many opportunities for March promotions. Consider something a little newer and different by celebrating Pi day in March. This is an opportunity to teach about math and eat delicious pies in celebration of the day. You could even wear a promotional pin that says, “Ask me about Pi.” You may want to do a March promotion and partner with a non-profit.  Or you may have an office pool going for the basketball games.  Read more about March promotional events here… Whatever your event or need, contact Ad Pro, AIA to help you plan ahead and talk about your needs.

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Presidents’ Day Patriotic Promos

Presidents’ Day has become a time when many retailers have sales and do patriotic promos.  Not much thought is given to the real reason that we celebrate this holiday in February. But you can turn the attention back to the celebration of two of our most famous and remembered Presidents–Washington and Lincoln.  You can also help to build patriotism and honor the traditions of our nation. Do a campaign or promotion that centers around a patriotic theme.

Combine Patriotic Promos and Valentine’s Day Themes

You can combine patriotic and Valentine’s Day themes easily. You can have a retail sale and honor President’s Day at the same time.  One business had a Presidents’ Day Birthday party.  They offered cherry pie and gave away patriotic  heart-shaped envelope openers.  Those that came by and made a purchase of any amount received the patriotic promo.  Patriotic ideas that support Heart Health Month in February can boost support for a non-profit and help your own business at the same time.

Combine Patriotic Promos with many February events

Whether your customers are football fans, racing fans, armchair Olympians, or romantics, February gives an opportunity for many promotions and events.  Many Super Bowl parties take place in homes, bars, and restaurants across the county. It couldn’t be easier to tie in patriotic promos this year as the Patriots and the Eagles are the two competing teams.  NASCAR has gained in popularity over the last several years.  Fans are getting together and holding viewing parties. So Dayton Day was born and is growing in popularity. Read more about the Dayton 500 here…  The Winter Olympics are always a favorite and one that business can use easily for patriotic promos. Read more about what you need to know about the Winter Olympics 2018 from Feb. 8- 25… No matter what February or patriotic event you celebrate, contact Ad Pro, AIA. From paper products to drinkware, to give-aways, and much more Ad Pro can help you order patriotic promos.

Contact Ad Pro, AIA.  For help with all of your patriotic business and event needs, contact us!

The New Year Begins Trade Show Season

As 2018 approaches, many businesses begin the year with a trade show season.  Now is the time to prepare all of your trade show promotions.  Your trade show environment should reflect who you are and what you do in a simple, attractive, and inviting way.

Choose the Right Trade Show Event for Your Business

There are many trade shows and conferences available for vendors to display and have a booth.  Since displaying at a trade show or conference usually involves a fee for your space, choose your event carefully.  You want to display and do trade show promotions where you will find your target market and correct demographic.

Plan to Make A Good First Impression

First impressions can make a difference in the success of your trade show promotion.  Make sure your exhibit is simple and attractive.  Use your logo colors.  Create a backdrop and environment that tells who you are and what you do very quickly. To see some photos of displays that are well done go here….

Train Your Staff

The staff that will be on the trade show floor need to be knowledgeable, friendly, and welcoming to visitors.  Notice when someone comes in and engage them.  The success of your trade show promotion depends in large part on your well-trained staff and their enthusiasm. Have them outfitted in branded logo wear, so the visitors know who to talk to.

Make Your Trade Show Promotional Booth Fun

You have to get visitors to your booth to make initial contacts that you can follow up on later.  Some popular ways to increase traffic to your booth is to give away something wearable and/or lighted.  Awareness bracelets and lighted buttons create interest and questions about where to get those items.  Games that are played in the booth when someone puts in their business card or gives you information, are fun and exciting.  It makes the trade show promotion more than just a business booth.

Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up

It isn’t too hard to collect visitor information.  Plan ahead for how you will collect this information.  But the key to your Return on Investment is when you follow up.  Plan to contact your qualified leads quickly and creatively.  Read about Tips to Generate Leads from Trade Shows and Conventions here…

Contact Ad Pro today to help you with all of your trade show display items, banners, tablecloths, signs, and give away items.  We can help your next trade show promotion be a success.

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