Heart Healthy Promotions from Ad Pro, AIA

Heart Healthy Promotions Help You Make Changes They say, that by making some simple changes– in what we eat, how often we exercise, how much we weigh, and how we manage stress– we can help to put the brakes on heart disease. Heart healthy promotions can help us accomplish those changes.  According to a Johns Hopkins Read More

Promotions with Heart

Healthy Heart Promotions throughout the Month Friday, February 3rd, 2012 is National Wear Red Day® As a woman business owner of a promotional products company I am pleased at the excellent job The American Heart Association has done in making the nation aware of heart healthy promotions in the month of February.  This year they Read More

January Focus on Fitness and Health Promotions

The January mantra seems to go like this: I am going to exercise more, eat better, and lose weight. This is the number one New Year’s resolution.  We all desire a new beginning, a new look, a fresh start in January.  The over-indulgence of the holidays makes us aware that we have got to get Read More