Spring Promotions Bring Growth

Spring Promotion Time is Here According to the calendar, spring is officially here!  We can all celebrate and begin to emerge from winter’s hibernation.  Spring is a time of new beginnings and growth for your garden and for your business.  Now is the time to focus on some spring promotions that will help you create Read More

Tech Promos On the Go

Mobile Tech Promo Items People are on the move today.  You see them in airports, in their cars, and in different businesses using technology.  It seems like everywhere you look, people are on their phones talking or texting, playing games, googling information or using apps to find their travel destinations. It doesn’t take long for Read More

Throwing Your Summer BBQ…the right way with promotional products

Now is the Ideal Time At last the business climate is on the upswing and employees are working harder than ever.  Now is the ideal time to get your employees out of their offices and onto your “turf” to enjoy some quality “off the clock” mingling. Why not make it Christmas in July? Instead of Read More

Incentives and Awards Partner with Great Brands

Designer, Brand Names Make Great Incentives & Awards Many companies design an incentive program or have a need for incentives and awards in some way.  If you would like to give some distinctive incentives, consider using designer and well-known brand names to create more interest and participation in your incentive and award program. Case Study Read More

Power Banks Make Great Promotional Gifts

 Picking the Right Power Bank Tech items are hot this year and there are many choices in power banks. If things like amperage, mAh, and battery ratings are foreign to you, picking the right power bank for your next gift or promotion can be very intimidating. Power banks come in a variety of capacities (measured in mAh, Read More

Popcorn Makes a Poppin’ Good Promotion

Americans Love Popcorn Why do Americans love popcorn?  It is an American original and has been used as food and decoration by Native Americans for hundreds, maybe thousands of years.  We love the aroma of popcorn and the butter that goes on top.  We relish the sound of fresh popcorn making an amazing transformation from Read More

Make Holiday Business Gifts Enjoyable and Memorable

December Provides Opportunity for Giving There are a lot of events and activities that lead up to the December holidays. As we enter the month of December, all things in life seem to jump to warp speed.  Life at work is often filled with holiday parties, abundant food, and gift exchanges.  Many of the employee gift exchanges are fun and frivolous, Read More